Police investigate a number of acts of vandalism

The vandalism of a vehicle parked outside the home of a resident in Louth Road (which had all of its windows smashed) is one of a number of incidents of vandalism over the past week that Cobar Police are currently investigating

Investigations are underway into three incidents of vandalism that were reported to Cobar Police over the past week.
An unknown person or persons have smashed windows and the main office front door at Cobar High School sometime on Saturday night or early Sunday morning.
Cobar High School principal Shane Carter said the damage was discovered by a staff member who had gone into the school on Sunday.
He reports the vandals also reached through one of the broken windows and set alight some aprons (worn by students during cooking).
He said luckily the fire burnt itself out but not before causing some serious damage to the floor.
“This vandalism will cost a considerable amount of money to repair as well as putting several learning areas out of action,” Mr Carter said.
Cobar Police Sergeant Chris Power said forensic examinations were carried out, the results of which are pending.
Forensic evidence was also taken from a vehicle that was parked outside a home in Louth Road that had all of its windows smashed.
The incident occurred sometime between midnight on Sunday and 6.30am on Monday morning.
A third report of vandalism was made by a resident in Green Street whose fence was kicked in by unknown persons in the early hours of last Tuesday morning.
Anyone with any information or CCTV footage relating to any of the incidents is urged to contact Cobar Police.