Original road names stand the test of time

Two rural road names which were changed a number of years ago because they did not meet State Government criteria will be returned to their original titles as a result of community feedback.

Cobar Shire Council is currently in the process of renaming two regional roads, Tiltagoona Road and Tillipilly Road, back to their better-known names of Fifty Two Mile Road and Seventy Eight Mile Road.

Council is currently undertaking a Rural Addressing project for all rural properties within the Cobar Shire.

Council’s director of engineering services Stephen Taylor said in 2009 the Cobar Shire Council embarked on a process to streamline the names of Regional Road (RR 7518) as Tiltagoona Road and Shire Road (SR 2) as Tillipily Road.

“However, the communities of Tilpa and adjacent localities expressed concern that the proposed names were not consistent with the locally used names of Fifty Two Mile Road and Seventy Eight Mile Road.

“Since then council has been seeking agreement from the Geographical Names Board (GNB) to change the proposed road names even though there was some conflict with the “Guidelines for the Naming of Roads”.

“The GNB finally agreed to the proposed road names as they had been in local use for more than one generation.

“The current round of community consultation is the next step in the process having the road names gazetted,” Mr Taylor said.