Museum tours now look to the future

Ever wanted to see into the future?  Well, now you can and at the same time you can also get a glimpse into Cobar’s past. 

This month the Great Cobar Heritage Centre is running guided ‘Future Tours’ of the museum explaining the planned new exhibitions and layout.

These tours are free and will be held every Wednesday night this month.

Museum curator, Kay Stingemore will be running the Future Tours and said the tours will help explain how the centre, and in particular the museum, will look following its upgrade.

“The tours will start on the verandah with an explanation of what people might experience as they come in,” Mrs Stingemore said.

“It will go through the current displays and the new ideas will be explained.

“The locations of alterations that will take parts of the building back to its original state will also be pointed out.”

She said as part of the tours, visitors will get to go into the back rooms and hear about the staff’s vision of opening up these spaces that have not been seen by the public for years.

Mrs Stingemore said during the tours she welcomes questions and any suggestions made by visitors will be noted.

“It’s a chance to find out in detail what is planned and how those plans might look,” Mrs Stingemore said.

“It’s a bit of a sneak preview – go back to the past to see into the future.

“Visitors will get to go into places and spaces that are not currently seen and imagine how they will look.

“Everyone is invited and everyone is welcome. The more people, the better – we want you to know, and we want to hear your comments,” she said.