MPS site investigations carried out

Planning for the redevelopment of Cobar’s Multipurpose Service (MPS) health facility is underway with a number of site investigations already carried out.

The Western NSW Local Health District (LHD) reports the concept designs for Cobar’s new Integrated Health Service were fine tuned at a recent meeting which included executive user group members.

Transitioning the current Cobar Health Service into an Integrated Health Service (IHS) will provide Cobar with a range of health and aged care services specifically suited to the needs of the community on one site.

The suggestion of co-locating the Cobar Health Service and the Lilliane Brady Village (LBV) on one site has been well supported by staff at both organisations and also the community.

The NSW Government and Cobar Shire Council have executed a Memorandum of Understanding between them, meaning that the NSW Government can promote the LBV to any service providers who may be interested in managing the centre.

According to an update on the project by the Western NSW LHD, extensive planning is needed to ensure that the end result achieves a secure health future for Cobar.

Various site investigations have also taken place to assist with the physical planning process.

Geotechnical investigations have recently been carried out on Cobar Shire Council’s portion of the land adjacent to the LBV.

To help inform residents, staff and the community on the continuous updates on the project, the Western NSW LHD has appointed Change Manager Trish Bullen to the project.

Ms Bullen will coordinate discussions with staff and implement new service models at the Cobar IHS.

The Cobar community will have the opportunity to be updated on the project and view the preliminary plans for integrating the Cobar Health Service and the LBV once the in-principle agreement has been given by the Ministry of Health. Details for this meeting are still to be announced.

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