Minor premiers first into grand final

Minor Premiers Bayer Neverlosen is the first team through to the indoor soccer grand final after defeating CSA in the major semi final last Wednesday night.

Neverlosen went into the match as the favourites and looked like blowing CSA off the court in the opening five minutes after Shannon Purton and Jade Buckman scored goals to give Neverlosen an early 3–0 lead. (Female goals are worth two points.)

To CSA’s credit, they fought back with Nathan Chambe scoring the next two goals.

Both goals were scored in similar fashion with Chambe firing from close range and finding the back of the net. Buckman extended Neverlosen’s lead to 4–2 with a mid-range goal before the half time break.

Neverlosen were creating the better chances in front of goal in the second half however they just couldn’t find the back of the net.

That was until a fantastic five-minute burst of play that resulted in five goals.

Purton added her second, Buckman completed a hat-trick, Mel Bruce got a lucky deflection off the goalkeeper to score her goal, and Ben Turton’s goal extended Neverlosen’s lead to 10–2.

CSA scored a consolation goal late in the match with Chambe completing a hat-trick.

Bayer Neverlosen will now advance to the grand final after winning the game 10–3.

In the minor semi final Wii Not Fit was bundled out of the competition after being defeated by Peakaroos 3-2.

Last season’s grand finalists, Wii Not Fit, were ranked 2nd heading into the final series however defeats at the hands of CSA and Peakaroos in consecutive weeks have now seen them eliminated.

Peakaroos led 1-0 at the half-time break in the minor semi-final thanks to a spectacular goal from Thomas Wall.

Without their playmaker Josh Brown on the court, Wii Not Fit needed someone to stand up.

Bianka Jacobson took the initiative and put Wii Not Fit ahead 2–1 after scoring early in the second half. Peakaroos then levelled the scores after an unfortunate own goal by Wii Not Fit.

The game went up another gear as both teams pushed hard for the winning goal.

The deadlock was broken when Peakaroos’ John Heavey scored what would be the winning goal of the game.

Peakaroos will take on CSA tonight for a place in the next week’s grand final.