Mermaids trio from triathlon compete

There were six Mermaids in the pool for Sunday morning’s swim with three competitors backing up after competing in the Cobar Athletics & Triathlon Squad’s (CATS) triathlon earlier that morning.

Bianka Jacobson and Tanya Gilbert both recorded two wins each from the three Mermaids’ swimming club events contested.

Jacobson won the 30 metres Handicapped Freestyle event, Gilbert won the 100m and the pair tied for first place in the 50m.

The 30m event was close with Jacobson winning with a time of 0.16 seconds off her nominated time ahead of Makaila Gordon on 0.17. Alex Hernando was marginally behind in third place with 0.28 off her time.

Gilbert won the 100m swim with a time of 4.46 seconds off her nominated time ahead of Cheryl Lewington on 4.66.

Jacobson’s time of 4.80 gave her third place.

Jacobson and Gilbert couldn’t be separated in the 50m swim with both finishing 0.53 seconds within their nominated times.

Gordon claimed third place with 0.56.

With a tally of 16 Championship points for the morning, Jacobson was one point clear of Gilbert on 15 with Gordon picking up 12 points to add to her season tally.