It’s a wrap on the Cobar Swimming Club 2017/2018 season

Cobar Swimming Club’s age champions from last week’s presentation night: Jamie Thomas (9 years), Parker Cryer (12), Harpa Martin (6), Samuel Whiteman (14), Zaiden Saunders (10), Lucas Price (8), Ruby Belle Stingemore (13), Milla Davey (8), Neve Carter (12), Haidyn Davey (6), Megan Giurin (8), Molly Carter (11), Leo Wrigley (7), Phoebe Travis (7) and Talas Burke (6).

Cobar Swimming Club wrapped up their season last Wednesday with the final championship swim and presentation night.

The first of the perpetual trophies handed out went to seven year old Phoebe Travis who took home the Colleen Martin Junior Achiever award.

The Norm Higgins Most Improved trophy went to six year old Isabelle Gillette and the Tom Knight Encouragement Award was presented to Parker Cryer.

The KML Industries Junior Sportsperson was Charlie Nicholson and the Bunyan Family Trophy for Senior Sportsperson was shared between Makaila Gordon and Thomas Jones.

The Brian Howell Highest Point Scorer Trophy was won by Jair Apaza and the Eric and Audrey Martin Clubperson awards went to executive committee member Tina Gordon and hard working parent helper Howard Young for their tireless efforts with the club.

The Highest Point Scorers of the season were: 17 metres—Ivy Budd (and runner-up Alora Deppeler); 33m—Lucas Price (Phoebe Travis) 50m—Jair Apaza (Megan Giurin); 100m—Makaila Gordon (Jair Apaza); and 200m Individual Medley—Makaila Gordon (Raymond Jones).

Age runners-up

The age champions and runners-up were: 5 years girls—Haidyn Davey and Ivy Budd; 6 boys—Talas Burke and Charlie Nicholson; 6 girls—Harpa Martin and Isabelle Gillette; 7 boys—Leo Wrigley; 7 girls Phoebe Travis and Abigail Williams; 8 boys Lucas Price and Kody Young; 8 girls—Milla Davey and Olivia Robinson; 9 boys—Jamie Thomas and Jared Apaza; 9 girls—Megan Giurin and Rory Urquhart; 10 boys—Zaiden Saunders and Bayleigh Young; 11 boys—Jair Apaza and Luke Giurin; 11 girls—Molly Carter and Alyce Woodbridge; 12 boys Jayden Cryer; 12 girls—Neve Carter and Katie Nicholson; 13 boys—Raymond Jones; 13 girls—Ruby Belle Stingemore; 14 boys—Samuel Whiteman; 15+ boys—Thomas Jones; and 15+ girls Makaila Gordon and Zoe Carter.