Making the move from Hong Kong to Western NSW

Senior radiographer Ollie Mulcock

Senior radiographer Ollie Mulcock who operates the Western NSW Local Health District (WNSWLHD) Mobile CT Van which runs between Bourke, Cobar, and Walgett, has recently switched life in Hong Kong to Western NSW.

“Growing up and training in the UK, we lived in the country,” Mr Mulcock said.

“After I completed my training, my wife and I moved to Hong Kong for a change.

“After 11 years and COVID, we decided it was time for a new adventure and agreed Australia looked good.

“I saw the radiographer position for the CT van and thought it sounded very interesting.

“I flew over and met the team and decided this was the new adventure we were looking for,” he said.

“What appealed to me the most was the lifestyle this job could offer.

“We didn’t want to move to a big city and work in another major hospital.

“I wanted to get back to the reason why I became a radiographer in the first place, and that was to help people.”

Mr Mulcock said in the short few months he’s been working in the role, he’s been  blown away by the gratitude from his patients.

“It has been a humbling experience.

“I also really enjoy being able to spend time with the patients and getting to know them.

“You don’t really get that same opportunity in major hospitals,” Mr Mulcock said.

WNSWLHD reports that from May to November 2023, the CT service has provided scans to almost 800 patients, which has saved them more than 5,500 hours of travel which also equates to 476,000 kilometers.

Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and include the following comments:

“To have this service within Cobar is fantastic. Without this service I would likely not get this done until absolutely forced to do so due to ill health,” one local patient admitted.

“Radiographer and Nurse are an absolute asset to NSW Health. Very happy with this service.”

“So glad to not have to travel to Dubbo, to travel to Walgett from Brewarrina instead was so helpful,” said another.

“Excellent service in my own town saving me a 600km drive,” another patient attested.