Camels briefed on competition’s new tackling rules

Cobar Camels assistant coach, Nick Prass (at far left), running the team through the new tackling rules last week at training. ▪ Photo contributed

The Cobar Rugby Union Club has locked in two weekly training nights at the Ailsa Fitzsimmons Memorial Oval with Tuesdays being designated as their key training session for the week. 

Both of the weekly training sessions will be attended by Head Coach, Mark Aumua, and by one of his assistant coaches, either Deon Gordon or Nick Prass, depending on their alternate work rosters.

To date, the training sessions have been well attended with players immediately aware that the coaching panel is “the real deal”.

The football ability and leadership qualities of Aumua, coupled with the unprecedented in-depth knowledge of the game that paramedics Gordon and Prass bring to Cobar, will certainly set an educated and balanced platform upon which the Camels can launch their 2024 campaign.

Cobar Rugby Club ‘Old Boy’ Kevin ‘Rusty Mitchell (who played 300 plus games for Cobar) attended last week’s training session and was impressed with the new coaching regime.

He said while the players only had a light training run which commenced with a warm up of slow jogs and fast sprints, it’s understandable they are not yet game fit.

Rusty said of interest was the explanation by Prass on the new tackle rules.

“Both coaches drove home to each player that all tackles above the base of the opponent’s sternum were in a no contact, no go area, were illegal and were red card country,” Rusty said.

“Nick then briefed those assembled on technique.

“Well qualified as a paramedic, he spoke on the use of the different muscles needed to strengthen a player’s arms and legs.”

Prass explained a tackler’s arms and legs, when combined and used effectively, can overturn or flip the opponent and place the tackler on top at the completion of any tackle, preventing or slowing the attack.

Rusty was very impressed.

“This coaching panel has all the answers,” he commented.