Local police active in community on spate of vehicle break-ins

Sergeant John Bennett took a walk along Barton Street yesterday morning where he found five vehicles unsecured and placed reminders for the owners to secure their vehicles as part of a proactive police effort to reduce the number of break and enters in town.

With a recent spike in both attempted and successful break-ins Cobar Police are urging residents to be more responsible with locking their homes and cars.

In the past five days Cobar Police have responded to reports of four attempted or successful break in’s to vehicles. In these cases an iPod and an iPhone 7 were stolen in separate incidents.

Recent Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures showed Cobar’s rates of break-ins is higher than the state average.

Cobar Police Sergeant John Bennett wants residents to be more vigilant with their vehicles and homes to help deter criminals.

While the figures showed the number of crimes reported to police has generally fallen, Sergeant Bennett says the community can be proactive in helping continue to cut the rates by providing less opportunity for break-ins and thefts.

In the 12 months to June 2017 there were 18 motor vehicle thefts (and 21 in the 12 months to July 2016); and 35 steal from motor vehicles (43). However based on Cobar’s population, when compared with the state averages, the figures show if you live in Cobar you are 2.1 times more likely to have your motor vehicle stolen; and 1.3 times more likely to have something stolen from your motor vehicle.

Sergeant Bennett told The Cobar Weekly  people may be committing an offence, where a monetary penalty may be issued, by leaving their motor vehicles unsecured.

“The simple and very important task of locking your vehicle can prevent the crime altogether,” Sergeant Bennett said.

He said Cobar Police would prefer not to go down the path of issuing fines for unlocked vehicles, but wanted to see the community take more care.

“Cobar Police will be doing spot checks on motor vehicles in and around Cobar to ensure they are locked and no valuable items are in view.

“If the vehicle is identified to be unlocked police will leave a reminder letter or knock on the door of the premises to remind the owner,” Sergeant Bennett said.

Under NSW law, police could issue a $110 fine for not securing the windows and locking the doors if the vehicle is unattended.