Local kids get to go to skate school in school holidays

Participants and coaches at one of the Totem Skateboarding sessions at the youth centre
skate park on Friday.

There’s not too many kids who would put
their hands up to go to school during the
school holidays, however when it’s a skate
school, there’s always plenty of takers!
The crew from Totem Skateboarding were in
Cobar last Friday and partnered with Cobar
Shire Council to offer a Community Skate
They offered free newcomer, beginner and
intermediate workshops along with a self expression
jam session and finished up with a
demo session with community interaction.
Since 2010, Totem has grown to become the
largest and longest running skate event company
in Australia.
They have paved the way in designing and
facilitating free (Local Government and State
Government funded) community development
sessions across Australia.
The Totem Skateboarding philosophy encourages
skate students to go at their own pace
under the guidance of their coaches.
By combining the physical and creative elements
of skateboarding, Totem gives students
the opportunity to try out and practice a wide
and unique variety of skills to build selfesteem
in a fun, safe and supported environment.
One of the coaches said the Cobar workshops
were very well received with several participants
from the beginners group staying on for
the intermediate classes.