Local business beats big players to win CSA Mine contract

CSA’s finance manager Nathan Quinlan and general manager Peter Christen signed off on a two year supply deal with local business BRilliams last week. They are pictured with BRilliams owners Jill and Michael Prince and staff members Lauren Lamond, Andrea Waugh and Molly Patten.

Local business BRilliams had a big win last week when they signed another two year supply contract with the CSA Mine.

CSA’s finance manager Nathan Quinlan said BRilliams had put together a very competitive proposal for their clothing and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) tender which went out to a range of suppliers, including some large national companies.

“Not only are we absolutely thrilled to be supporting the community as part of this, but the decision was made all the more easy by BRilliams putting forward a proposal that was attractive and competitive,” Mr Quinlan said.

“BRilliams has gone up against some big players in their area and have come out in front on their own merit.”

CSA’s general manager Peter Christen said the mine is keen to do business locally whenever the capacity and services are available.

“We’ve seen that local businesses are able to go toe-to-two with the other bigger players in their industries, businesses like Cobar Concrete and KML,” he said.

BRilliams’ owner Jill Prince admitted that she had been on tenterhooks waiting to find out if their contract was to be renewed.

“We’ve been supplying this service for over 10 years,” Mrs Prince said.

“If we didn’t get this contract, we would have had to put staff off, and that would have to happen pretty much immediately.

“BRilliams is a family. If we lose a person, it’s like losing a family member.

“The girls here are all local. They’ve all got family here and they rely on their jobs,” she said.

BRilliams has been supplying CSA with workwear and boots for the past nine years and now as part of their new contract they will also be supplying a PPE range.

“PPE is a new area for us and we’ve been slowly learning all about it,” Mrs Prince said.

“I reckon I’m nearly an expert on PPE now!”

Mr Christen said CSA Mine was pleased to be able to support the community by using local businesses and also in other ways including: working with Cobar High School to provide a student vocational training program pathway; working with council to lobby the government for funding for a new preschool precinct; providing housing for local doctors; and providing sponsorship for local sporting teams and events.