Heading for a record breaking year

Record breakers: The Great Cobar Museum and Visitor Information Centre staff, Kay Stingemore, Samantha Smith, Demi Smith and Suzie Wells were kept very busy last month welcoming more than 4,000 visitors to Cobar.

Cobar is heading for a record breaking year with Cobar Shire Council’s tourism manager, Demi Smith, predicting if the high visitor numbers continue, then this year will be one of our best on record.

Reporting the visitor statistics for September to last week’s Tourism Advisory public meeting, Demi proudly said the visitor numbers to Cobar last month are the highest they’ve been all year with 4,122 visitors recorded as visiting the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) and The Great Cobar Museum.

“September 2022 has seen the best visitor numbers we’ve had in years,” Demi said.

“The previous best September figures were recorded in 2010 [The Year of the Outback] when we had a total of 4,054.”

After just nine months, The Great Cobar Museum has already set a new record for annual visitor numbers, with 9,989 people having passed through the doors since January.

The previous best year at the museum was 2010 when they had 6,054 visitors.

The visitor numbers to Cobar have gradually been climbing since May when we had close to 3,000 visitors for the month.

In June we had 3,334, July 3,654, August 3,757 and then in September we cracked the 4,000 mark with the Running On Empty Festival boosting September’s visitor total to 4,122 for the month.

If the visitor numbers keep on steadily increasing (or even stay at the current level) then we are most definitely headed for a record breaking year.

As at the end of September, we’ve welcomed 23,453 visitors and we’re inching close to 2010’s record of 31,000 for the year.