Former music teacher signs on as new Kubby staff member

Don’t be surprised if you hear lots of beautiful music coming from the Kubby House Childcare Centre after the centre last week welcomed a new musical staff member, Teresa Oh.

In addition to being childcare qualified, Teresa has six years of experience as a music teacher. She plays the piano and flute.

Teresa is the new Lead Educator in Kubby’s 3-5 years room after having recently moved to Cobar from Sydney’s Northern Beaches where she worked as a Lead Educator for the past 15 months.

Originally from Korea, where she taught music and English to pre-schoolers, Teresa originally planned to come to work in Australia for a short time.

Her goal was to take back what she learnt  working in the Australian childcare field.

However she didn’t count on falling in love with our country and she now wants to extend her stay.

“Australia is really beautiful with beautiful people,” she said.

Working in a regional area like Cobar, will allow Teresa to extend her working Visa to stay longer.

As part of her employment contract at Kubby, once she’s finished her probation period, Teresa will then be committed to work at the centre for the next three years.

While she liked living and working on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Teresa said she welcomes living in Cobar as being “a new chapter” in her life.

“The centre is small and quiet and the people friendly.

“I find cities to be too big sometimes, overstimulated and overworked but this is quiet and with nice people.

“I have nice neighbours too.”

A self confessed introvert, Teresa admits to being a homebody who likes to watch movies in her spare time, but she has decided to be bold in this “chapter of her life”.

“I’m actively trying here to get out and get involved in the community,” she said.