CHS girls encouraged to try a trade

Cobar High School’s (CHS) female students were able to take part in a hands-on “tradie” experience last Thursday in a SALT (Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen) workshop.

The SALT program is supported by the Australian Government’s National Careers Institute.

Program coordinator Fi Shewring said the workshops are aimed at encouraging girls and women to consider a trade career.

“The workshops are run by experienced tradespeople, and aim to give girls and women an idea of what it takes to be a tradeswoman and the myriad of job opportunities available,” Fi said.

“Students are given hands-on experience of tools used in most trades and they gain great skills which will help them in the future for their own lives.”

The workshops also aim to get local employers thinking about taking on more women as apprentices in industries that are traditionally male dominated.

“We hope that local employers take notice that there are women in their area who are seriously interested in a trade career,” Fi said.

SALT also acts as a support network for tradeswomen, apprentices and women/girls considering a career in a trade.

At their school clinics, the SALT tradies are able to link up with girls interested in pursuing a trade career and act as mentors to encourage them to make positive career choices which will enable them to earn a reasonable wage and build their self-esteem and confidence.