Fines for locals not social distancing

Police from the Central North Police District have begun handing out infringement notices and fines to local residents not adhering to social distancing regulations.

Cobar Police Sergeant Chris Power said  a driver and his passenger were issued with penalty infringement notices for not complying with noticed direction RE S7/8/9 COVID-19 at 4.15pm on Easter Monday.

Police had stopped a vehicle on Lerida Rd around 1km south of the Airport Road for the purposes of a random breath test.

Neither the driver or passenger were able to provide a reasonable excuse for their trip and were deemed to be travelling for non essential purposes during COVID 19 restrictions. Police inspected the vehicle and issued a defect notice for excessive noise.

On Monday April 6, police issued RE S7/8/9 COVID19 penalty infringement notices to eight people following a report of a noise complaint.

Police responded to the noise complaint in the vicinity of the airport at approximately 11.20pm where they located four vehicles and a gathering of nine people (which included a child under 10).

Police deemed they did not have a reasonable excuse to be there during COVID-19 travel restrictions and issued eight penalty infringement notices for not comply with directions.

Reasonable excuses to travel are: shopping for essential food, travelling to work or school or to exercise, obtaining medical supplies, caring for an elderly person; attending a wedding or funeral or to move house.