Mixed reactions to decision to divert Pfizer vaccinations

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s an-nouncement that Pfizer vaccines would be redirected from rural areas to the city has been met with a mixed reaction locally.
The Premier announced last week that Pfizer vaccines would be redirected from the alloca-tions to rural areas to support Year 12 students in the Greater Sydney area returning to face-to-face learning for their HSC.
A number of locals who object to the deci-sion have signed an ePetition organised by State Member for Barwon, Roy Butler.
Mr Butler’s petition to the NSW Government calls for equitable distribution of and access to COVID-19 vaccines for the communities of regional NSW.
Other locals have said with the risk of con-tracting COVID-19 in Cobar considerably lower than our city counterparts, they would be willing to forgo their dose and instead let it go to where it’s needed the most.
A NSW Health spokesperson said as part of its pandemic response, NSW Health is taking the important temporary measure to give them the best chance of containing the current out-break in Greater Sydney as quickly as possible.
“As a result, people in other regions could receive a notice advising their first dose of Pfizer will be rescheduled” the spokesperson said.
“Anyone who has had their first dose already or those in priority groups 1a or 1b will not have their bookings rescheduled.
“GPs continue to supply Pfizer vaccinations in regional NSW, and their supplies from the Federal Government are unaffected by this reallocation” .
“AstraZeneca also remains available from GPs, NSW Health clinics and a growing num-ber of pharmacies,” the spokesperson said.
Mr Butler’s online petition is gaining con-siderable support.
“Let’s all send our message that it’s not ok for them [the NSW Government] to take from our limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine to go to the city, while so many of our frontline health and emergency service workers, and aged, frail, infirm and others here in the bush are still waiting months to get their first dose,” Mr Butler urged.
“Let’s send them a message that all of NSW deserves to be treated equitably.”