Construction close for Cobar’s new MPS

Health Infrastructure is hoping the construction of Cobar’s new health facility will commence soon.

In an update from Health Infrastructure released last week, it advised the detailed planning and design stages had now been completed and they were set to start on the delivery stage of the project.

The Development Application (DA) for the work was lodged with Cobar Shire Council in October 2017.

Cobar Shire Council has also rezoned the land where the new Cobar Health Service will be built.

Once the DA has been approved, the project can proceed to the construction works component.

Cobar Shire Council’s manager of planning and environment, Stephen Poulter, said council completed an assessment of the DA and sent a number of questions to the developer.

He said they were only regarding a few minor matters and council is currently awaiting a reply.

“We’re moving towards a favourable determination,” Mr Poulter said.

Subject to the DA approval, Health Infrastructure estimates construction will begin within the first half of 2018.

The redevelopment project involves constructing a new Health Service, which is to be co-located with the existing Lilliane Brady Village (residential aged care).

The redevelopment scope includes inpatient services, Emergency services, Community Health services, community programs, staff accommodation, and some refurbishment of the existing Lilliane Brady Village complex.

A key feature of the redevelopment is the colocation of the health services and the residential aged care services in connected buildings to provide integrated, modern health and aged care services for the community.