Cobar swimmers make a big splash

Taking a break in between events at the Cobar Swimming Club carnival on Saturday were Cobar swimmers Lilly Fairfull, Ella Oborn, Alora Deppeler and Malina Bottom.

The Cobar Swimming Club hosted a swimming carnival at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool on Saturday with 33 of their members competing against visitors from across the western area.
Races were conducted in all four strokes in distances varying from 25m up to 400m as well as Individual Medley events.
Cobar was well represented in the 13-14 years boys age group, with Henry Knight fin-ishing on the podium in 11 events with eight 1st places, one 2nd and two third finishes; Nicholas Hodges had a busy day too with 10 podium finishes—one 1st, five 2nds and four 3rd places; Zaiden Saunders had two 1sts and two 2nds; William Knox won the 13 years breaststroke and Malcolm Gillette had a 2nd in 13 years 50m backstroke swim.
Competing in their 14 years age division, Amara Bottom had two 2nds, Malina Bottom finished with two 3rd places and Piper Neale finished in 2nd place in backstroke.
Axel Fairfull took home a swag of cash priz-es finishing with five 1sts and four 2nds in the 11-12 years boys age division and Elijah Hodges was 2nd in the 50m 12 years freestyle.
In the 50m 9 years age group, Hugh Le Lievre picked up three 3rd places; Isabelle Gillette finished with a 2nd and a 3rd place; Clair Cousins recorded a 1st and a 2nd; and Tillie Cain placed 2nd in breastroke.
In their 25m 7 years events, Joshua Gillette finished with a trifecta (1st, 2nd and 3rd), Sophia Le Leivre had a 1st place and two 3rds; Nixon Small finished 1st in freestyle; and Max Ellison finished 3rd in breaststroke.
Ford Ellison dominated his 25 metres 6 and Under age group with four 1st places.