Cobar netballers win state title

Cobar junior netballers Zoe Carter, Abby Carswell and Lauren Urquhart joined the Under 17s Glen Innes team to contest this year’s Netball NSW State Championships over the weekend and helped their side to a Division 3 win.

Glenn Innes coach Maryanne Perkins said she had been very pleased to welcome the three Cobar players into her Under 17s team.

“Most of the teams we’ve been playing against play together all the time. We haven’t even trained together,” Perkins said.

“The first game was a bit iffy, and then after that fantastic. They listened really well to feedback and took it on board. We play quite a different style to what they are used to, but they picked it up quickly. It’s like it’s one big unit that has always been together. I could substitute any of them and it worked really well,” Perkins said.

She described Zoe, who was playing in defence, as “a real bulldog”. “She hunted down the ball, and had great defensive pressure.”

Perkins praised Lauren’s commitment on court and said she linked in well with their two other shooters.

“I loved Abby in Wing Attack and she stepped up to Centre when our Centre was injured. Abby’s got really good vision, and reads the game really well,” Perkins said.