Cobar Hospital staff told to take a break with KitKats

Cobar Health Service staff last week received KitKat bars donated by Nestlé
Confectionery to acknowledge the service of frontline health workers to their
communities. ▪ Photo contributed

Staff at the Cobar Health Service were among more than 250,000 frontline healthcare workers who received specially labelled KitKat bars to acknowledge their service to our community.

Nestlé Confectionery General Manager Chris O’Donnell said that the donation of ‘thank you’ labelled KitKat bars was a gesture of gratitude to people who were making incredible contributions and personal sacrifices during this critical time.

“Our KitKat brand has long called for people to ‘have a break’ – but we know that for many, that’s not possible during this time.

“To all those working in our healthcare system, the world is forever grateful to you for not having a break right now,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“We have been moved by the commitment and hard work of our frontline healthcare workers during such challenging conditions.

“The strength and resilience they continue to show is humbling.”

Mr O’Donnell said it was their small way of showing their appreciation.

The donation to hospital staff follows Nestlé’s support of $2million in food products to Foodbank Australia to support vulnerable members of the community, as well as essential food items to a number of at-risk remote Indigenous communities facing food scarcity.