Clay target club’s Christmas shoot attracts novices

The Cobar Clay Target Club welcomed Novice shooters to their Christmas Novelty Shoot on Saturday. Pictured is club president Bryan Manns with two of the novice shooters James and Jason Mitchell.

Bright, sunny and very warm conditions attracted 34 competitors for this year’s Cobar Clary Target Club’s Christmas Novelty shoot on Saturday.

Competitors travelled from Bourke, Nyngan, Brewarrina and Tamworth to vie for the renowned excellent meat tray trophies, the challenge of unusual events, and also to experience the club’s wonderful hospitality.

The club also welcomed three novice shooters on the day, who all displayed great skill on the tricky targets thrown.

The first event, a 10 target Eye Opener, saw a number of competitors ranging from C Grade to AA Grade, all finish with a ‘possible’ score of 10/10.

That was the last of the easy targets for the day and the remainder of the program proved a challenge for both experienced and novice shooters alike.

In the 15 Mixed Targets (five Single Barrel off 11m; five Point Score off 15m; 5 Double Barrel off 20m) the winners were: AA Grade, Dallas Codrington 25/25; A Grade, Cliff Overton 43/45; B Grade, Brad Kendrick 24/25; C Grade, Tracey Boon 24/25; Novice, Alan Germon; Encouragement, Ben McBride 12/15.

Second in AA Grade was Aaron Marsh 24/25; A Grade, Garry Jones 38/45; B Grade, Macka Codrington 23/25; C Grade, James Mitchell 23/25.

The winners of the 15 target Graded Handicap event were: AA Grade, Bryan Manns 18/19; A Grade, Garry Jones 21/21; B Grade, Macka Codrington 18/19; C Grade James Mitchell 15/15; Novice award, Alan Germon;  and Encouragement award, Jason Mitchell.

Second in AA Grade was Button Powell 18/20; A Grade, Glenn Codrington 20/21; B Grade, Jarrod Barraclough 17/19; C Grade, Jake Harbison 17/17.

Event 4 was a 15 target Crazy Points event with the winners being: AA Grade, Tony Polack 72; A Grade, Ross Morriss 57; B Grade, Macka Codrington 53; C Grade, Matt Harland 52; Novice award, Jason Mitchell; Encouragement award, Ross Hill.

Second in AA Grade was Dallas Codrington 67; A Grade, Dick Tulloh 51; B Grade, Graham Harbison 48; C Grade, Tom McBride 48.

Event 5 was a 10 pair Continental event where the targets fly out two at a time at varied heights and angles.

The winners were: AA Grade, Aaron Marsh 17/20; A Grade, Cliff Overton 15/20; B Grade, Macka Codrington 15/20; C Grade, Tracey Boon 13/20; Novice, Alan Germon; Encouragement award, Dick Tulloh, (with some very low flyers).

Second in AA Grade was Tom Dickson 15/20; A Grade, Garry Jones 13/20; B Grade, Brad Kendrick 14/20; C Grade, James Mitchell 17/28.

In the 10 pair Deauville Doubles shoot partners’ names were drawn out of hat.

Three pairs shot a possible score and, after a shoot-off, the following were declared the winners: 1st—Macka Codrington and Hank Pritchard 17/17; 2nd—Dallas Codrington and Tom McBride 18/19; and 3rd, Bryan Manns and Alan Germon 16/18.

The Highguns on the day were:  Veterans— Cliff Overton 111; Juniors—James Mitchell 94; Ladies—Tracey Boon 101; C Grade—Matt Harland 103; B Grade—Macka Codrington 114; A Grade—Ross Morriss 113; and AA Grade—Dallas Codrington 112.

The Overall Highgun was Tom Dickson with a score of 116.

The wrap-up event of the day, the President’s Mystery Event, attracted a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

Shooters shot 10 targets each from various out-of-the ordinary marks.

It was a fun event that provided a challenge to all shooters.—contributed