Another load of hay arrives for drought stricken farmers

Roadtrain driver Danny Radcliffe (at left) discussing where the latest delivery of fodder for Cobar farmers was to go with Cobar Rotarian Gordon Hill and fodder sponsors Troy Williams from Eye Candy Motor Sports and Matt Golan from Flash Market. ▪ Photo

The Rotary Club of Cobar last weekend took delivery of another road train of fodder for drought-stricken Cobar farmers.

Cobar Rotary secretary Gordon Hill said the latest delivery brings from the Gulf Horizons Foundation’s total contribution to local farmers to $130,000.

“Their support has been fantastic,” Mr Hill said.

Last week’s fodder delivery “came out of the blue”, according to Mr Hill.

“I was contacted last Tuesday by Matt Golan from Flash Market, the fundraising arm of the Gulf Horizons Foundation, to advise that another road train load of fodder was coming to Cobar.

“This was a welcome surprise for Rotary as the available funding from Gulf Horizons Foundation had all been spent on four previous loads of fodder earlier in the year.

“It turned out that a further load of fodder had been reserved for Cobar by Gulf Horizons Foundation and they were keen to deliver it to Cobar over the weekend,” Mr Hill said.

He said Rotary members were flat out last weekend supporting the Night for Our Farmers event at Tom Knight Memorial Oval, and then had to scramble to meet the road train delivery the following morning.

Mr Golan and his business partner Troy Williams, from Eye Candy Motor Sports, arrived in Cobar on Sunday morning to oversee the delivery of the fodder from Kerang in

Mr Hill said after speaking with a number
of local farmers, it was decided the load of fodder was most needed in the Nymagee area and it was divided among 16 properties.

“Flash Market and Eye Candy Motor Sports are continuing to raise funds for the Gulf Horizons Foundation via their online Super Car raffles and, as a result, more fodder may become available to Cobar farmers in the future,” Mr Hill said.