Another grand final title proves BNB can’t be beaten

Squalleyball grand final winners, BNB: Latisha Bennett, Adam Buckman, Nick Buckman and Nicole Buckman. Absent from the photo were fellow team members Caitlin Norris and Travis Buckman.

BNB claimed the Squalleyball competition winner’s crown once again in sensational style on Thursday night when they beat Kamikaze Pilots 5-0.

Hoping to hold onto the Squalleyball crown that they’ve held for a number of seasons, BNB showed they meant business from the outset.

They barely let Kamikaze Pilots into the first game which BNB confidently won

The shock loss however managed to stir up the veteran Kamikaze Pilots team and they fought hard in their next three matches to match BNB all around the court.

BNB remained cool which helped them to a narrow win in the second game 21-19, before they took the third 21-18.

Kamikaze Pilots tested them in the fourth match, which was once again a close game, before BNB claimed a hard fought 21-19 win.

Down 4-0, Kamikaze Pilots were already defeated going into the final game and two players left to attend another commitment.

BNB were keen to get on with their after game celebrations and the fifth and final game was over in quick time with BNB winning 21-8 to claim the 5-0 whitewash win.