Agreement secures LBV’s future

The progress of Cobar’s Multipurpose Health Service (MPS) is set to gather some pace after Cobar Shire Council and the NSW Government recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

According to council’s latest newsletter, the MOU agreement allows the NSW Government to promote the Lilliane Brady Village (LBV) to any service providers interested in running the LBV in the future.

“There has already been good interest shown,” the newsletter report said.

The State Government is aiming to build 10 new aged care beds on the existing LBV site and convert two four bed rooms.

A new 10 bed hospital will be built adjacent to the LBV.

Architectural designs are now being developed which the community will be able to comment on in the next few months.

Council’s report assured that all of the existing LBV staff would be transferred to the new provider and under the MOU there will be safeguards in place to ensure the aged care beds stay in Cobar.

The existing aged care facility is set to be greatly improved through an integrated facility.

Council reports the community consultations for the proposed MPS have been very well attended so far.