CSA turns the tables on MCHU to claim grand final win

CSA’s Mixed Indoor Soccer team of Barnabas Kuek, Ivan Arcayo, Brian Chapula, Heidi Palazzi, Cheryl Peatey, German Figueroa and Maverick Palazzi (along with Pedro Quinteros, Tony Walkinshaw and Fabian Arcayo who were absent from the photo)
finished as 6-3 winners over MCHU in last Wednesday night’s grand final game. It was sweet revenge for the CSA side who were beaten 1-0 by MCHU in last season’s grand final.

The Mixed Indoor Soccer grand final last Wednesday night was a replay of last year’s grand final however this time CSA finished as the winners.

CSA exacted revenge over Man Chest Hair United (MCHU) from their last grand final appearance in December 2018, when MCHU won the match 1-0.

Last week’s grand final game was also a thriller of a match which CSA eventually won 6-3.

MCHU started with just four players while CSA was able to field a team of six which ensured they dominated possession.

CSA however lacked touch in front of goal and a number of early goal scoring opportunities went missing.

MCHU were bolstered 10 minutes into the game when Pat Dillon arrived but it was CSA who put first points on the board.

Cheryl Peatey found the back of the net off a cross kick for CSA to go 2-0 up (female goals are worth two points) and Ivan Arcayo put CSA further ahead when he scored.

Arcayo and MCHU’s Josh Brown steered their teams around the court and dominated the centre court play all match.

Brown penetrated the goal to put MCHU back in touch and Pedro Quinteros goaled for CSA before Brown once again found the back of the net.

MCHU had their work cut out trying to stay in the game with the score at 4-2 at half time.

In contrast to a slow and quite first half, the second half was much more vocal and faster.

MCHU however struggled as they did all game for scoring options without their female stars Shannon Purton and Bianka Jacobson (who were both unavailable to play).

Arcayo sealed CSA’s win with two more second half goals to add to his game tally of three while Brown also scored for the third time but it wasn’t enough and CSA claimed a 6-3 win.