Back-to-back wins for BNB

BNB have claimed back-to-back grand final wins of the local Squalleyball competition after they beat Kamikaze 4-1 on Tuesday night at the youth centre.

After BNB came out on top in last season’s grand final, Kamikaze, who’d been the competition’s long reigning champs, was hoping to win back the title they’d lost to BNB.

In Tuesday night’s grand final, Kamikaze won the right to serve first and took the first point in the match, as they did in each of their next three games.

BNB however matched Kamikaze all over the court with both Nick and Adam Buckman standouts with their athleticism.

Down 19-15 in the first set, Kamikaze clawed their way back with strong play from their leader and team talker, Colby Lawrence.

At 21-all, BNB eventually outplayed Kamikaze to go on and take the first set 23-21.

Luke Anderson shone for Kamikaze in the second set and earned his side a number of points with deft shots and great placement of the ball, however BNB were on a roll and claimed the second set 21-14.

With the match in the balance, Kamikaze fired up and went out to a 10-3 lead before BNB got themselves back into the game.

More perfectly placed shots from Anderson helped his team to a 21-11 win in Game 3.

The stage was now set for a showdown in the fourth game and it was hoped that Kamikaze could play themselves back into the match.

However after a number of very long rallies, BNB finished with a 21-15 win which earned them the grand final title.

A fifth set, which was a dead rubber, was played in good spirits which BNB also won