So many upsets

There were so many upsets in the Squalleyball competition last Thursday night at the youth centre, it’s hard to know where to start!

With reigning premiers Kamikaze Pilots having three of their team members off on New Zealand “representative duties”, they had planned ahead and recruited new players to ensure the team would not have to forfeit.

Keg on Legs (formerly the Jets, who entered the competition to knock off the Pilots) showed no mercy “while the cat was away” for their arch nemesis last week, and easily beat the Pilots 5-0. The closest rally was the final game where the margin was 21-14.

In the other upset game, Team Baz, who were riding on the coat tails of their successful run in the competition this season, were perhaps a bit too cocky going into last Thursday night’s game against Whatever who could only field three players.

Team Baz stumbled in the first two games as Whatever trounced them to win by a big 21-8 margin in the first game and, then still on a high, Whatever won the second game, 25-23, eventually after a very long rally.

With the third game also nearly taken from them, Team Baz had to throw everything they had into the match to claim a 24-22 win. They then found their stride and cruised home to claim wins in the final two games.

BNB have strengthened their team this season with the addition of Waylon Ward and Rachel Carey and they helped to give the new kids on the block, Tri Nations, a lesson in how to play the game last week with a 5-0 win.

While some of the Tri Nations players had to brush up on their long forgotten Squalleyball skills they hadn’t used since their high school sport days, other team members were only just learning on Thursday night how to play the game, this team of raw talent should improve as the competition continues.