Yabbies’ weekly swims continue

While many local sports are currently taking a break, the Cobar Yabbies Senior Men’s Swimming Club weekly swims have been continuing.

The championships points have been shared around over the past few weeks with no one swimmer dominating the competition.

In the first swim of the year on January 3, Blake Toomey and Murray Harland shared first place points in the 30 metres event after they both finished within 0.03 seconds of their nominated time.

Doug Rorke was back in third place.

Matt Harland swam spot on his nominated time to win the 50 metre swim ahead of Ben Plush on 0.13 seconds and Trevor Menadue on 0.22.

Chris Powell narrowly won the 100 metres swim with a time of 0.16sec off his time with Stephen Clark second on 0.19.

Jason Toomey was well behind in third place on 1.25sec.

The Brace Relay novelty event was won by Murray Harland and Jason Toomey.

Bill Fugar was the first winner of the night on January 10. He swam to within 0.06 seconds of his nominated time to win the 30 metre event. Second was Doug Rorke 0.10 and third was Bob Clark 0.19.

Murray Harland (0.10) was out in front in the 50m swim with Chris Powell second on 0.19  and Doug Rorke was third on 0.38.

Paul Swainston swam spot on his nominated time to win the 100m event with Scott Toomey in second place on 0.59 and Bill Fugar was third with 0.85

Swainston and Fugar won the night’s Brace Relay event.

The Yabbies will host the Australia Day Swim Relay at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool tomorrow.

The handicapped relay is open to all comers with teams of four.

The team that swims the closest to their nominated time will be declared the winners.

The Yabbies are also gearing up for the Western Districts AIF Carnival to be held in Wellington next month and also the National AIF Carnival at Grafton in March.