Vinnies recognises volunteers

Vinnies worker, Dora Di Filippo has been recognised as a valuable volunteer with Vinnies new Member and Youth Engagement Officer Jesse Cochrane presenting Dora with a 30 years of Service certificate on Monday.

As part of National Volunteer Week Vin-nies has acknowledged the invaluable con-tribution their wonderful volunteers make in the delivery of services to their communi-ties.
National Volunteer Week is the largest cele-bration of volunteers and volunteerism in Aus-tralia and allows St Vincent de Paul to join with other volunteer organisations to say ‘thank you’, for without their volunteers’, tire-less contributions, the Society would not exist.
Their efforts also do not go unnoticed.
This year marks 15 years of service for Patti Pratt to Vinnies in Cobar and she continues to volunteer.
Due to Covid restrictions in 2020, Volunteer Week celebrations were put on hold, and so Dora Di Filippo has this week been belatedly recognised for giving 30 years of service while Josie Wilson has been recognised for 10 years of service.
Vinnies is hoping some younger members of the community might be able to find some time in their busy lives to help out and volun-teer at the Cobar store.
Tasks include sorting donated goods, serving at the counter, clerical duties, basic computer work, interviewing and listening to people in need.
Volunteering is one of the best ways to make new friends, build relationships and learn new skills. It can also provide a sense of purpose to people who are lonely or isolated and can in-crease self confidence.