Turn up the heat

The pool could be the place to be this weekend!

Saturday’s top of 41.2 degrees is a taste of what we can expect again this weekend with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting more very hot weather is on the way.

We’re looking at a top of 41 degrees for Friday, Saturday and also next Monday, with Sunday not much better, when 40 degrees will be the expected maximum.

And it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting much of a reprieve overnight with 21 the predicted minimum for tomorrow night, 24 is expected on both Friday and Saturday and 20 is the forecast minimum on Sunday.

The Bureau reports it will be sunny today with a top of 35 with the mercury expected to reach 38 degrees tomorrow before it hikes up into the 40s on Friday.

Last Saturday’s very hot day was also accompanied by wind gusts of up to 54 km/hr which caused some damage around town with large branches reported to have fallen at a number of locations.

Thankfully only light winds are predicted for the week ahead.