St John’s School celebrates a very remarkable year

Major trophy winners at the St John’s School presentation day were Lexy Cain, Hollie Martin, Heidi Trudgett, Rubybelle Stingemore, Jordan Warren and Todd Polack.

At last week’s St John’s School’s presentations day principal Renee Matheson described 2016 as being “remarkable year” for the school.

“We had our highest student enrolments in over 15 years despite a mine retrenchment,” she said.

Mrs Matheson said the school was committed to “21st Century Learning” and this year had introduced a new homework policy and changed how they teach mathematics.

“Our NAPLAN results show these changes are making a difference. No Year 3 students were below the National Minimum Standards (NMS). 87.5 per cent of these students were above the NMS in Reading and Spelling, 93.8 per cent in Writing, Numeracy and Grammar & Punctuation. This is very pleasing and shows the focus in infants education at St John’s has been worthwhile.”

She said 85 per cent of Year 5 students were at or above the NMS in Reading and Writing,  and 90 per cent in Spelling, Numeracy and Grammar & Punctuation.  

In addition to class awards, a number of perpetual and special awards were presented at last week’s presentation day.

A newly introduced award for a student who has achieved in art, music, public speaking, singing, drama or dance, the Beverly Anderson Cultural Award (Performing Arts) went to Jordan Warren.

Rubybelle Stingemore collected the Jan Harrison School Literacy Award; Encouragement Awards went to Elizabeth Curtis and Christian Marsden; Citizenship—Lexy Cain; Beth Townsend Memorial Trophy for All-rounder Sports Person—Napoleon Sipendi; Kelly Mahy Memorial Trophy for ‘School Spirit’—Todd Polack; Catherine McAuley Award—Heidi Trudgett; and Paula Potter Memorial Trophy for School Leadership—Hollie Martin.