Soccer season wraps up in COVID safe way

Minis Best & Fairest players for their respective teams Cooper Trudgett (Rovers) trying to get the ball past Callum Bennett (Wanderers) in a junior soccer match earlier this season

The Cobar Soccer Club wrapped up their season over the weekend with awards and trophies delivered to players in lieu of hold-ing an end of season presentation day.
COVID restrictions saw the end of the sea-son cut short with grand final matches unable to be played.
Based on standings at the time, Rangers finished as the Seniors competition winners with Spurs the runners-up.
The Seniors team awards went to: Spurs—Best & Fairest – Raymond Jones, Team Spirit – Caleb Theakston and Most Improved – Sien-na Jones; Rangers—Best & Fairest – Ethan McLeod, Team Spirit – Chase Cavalot and Most Improved – Jeremy Theakston.
Rangers were also the front runners in the Mids competition when it was cut short and so were declared the winners with Liverpool finishing as runners-up.
The Mids awards in each team went to: Liverpool—Best & Fairest – Rhylee Patterson, Team Spirit – Nixon Small and Most Im-proved – Ace Munro; Rovers—Best & Fairest – Tom Presig, Team Spirit – Phoebe Travis and Most Improved – Taj Goonrey; United—Best & Fairest – Joseph Theakston, Team Spirit – Jeremiah McMillan and Most Im-proved – Cooper Rafaele; Rangers—Best & Fairest – Charlie Nicholson, Team Spirit – Taylah Wyllie and Most Improved – Harrison Pickford.
Awards in the Minis competition went to: Wanderers—Best & Fairest – Callum Bennett, Team Spirit – Logan MacKenzie and Most Improved – Sam McKervey; Rangers—Best & Fairest – Indie Burke, Team Spirit – Ford El-lison and Most Improved – Juan Engelbrecht; Rovers—Best & Fairest – Cooper Trudgett, Team Spirit – Xavier Foster and Most Im-proved – Liam Peatey; United – Best & Fairest – Joshua McMillan, Team Spirit – Joe Arnold and Most Improved – Max Presig.
All the Mini division players received a participation award