Riders kick up the dirt at Auto Club

The Auto Club of Cobar kicked off the 2016 season with Round 1 of a Dirt Track Tri Series on Saturday.

Twenty one riders fiercely contested five rounds of four laps for a crowd who were kept informed and entertained by commentator Katrina Ward.

A couple of riders hit the dirt but were able to continue riding.

The second round will be a twilight event at the end of the month.

The results were: Nippers (non Competition)—Jackson Eves, Jhett Walsh and Ryder Anderson; 50cc High Powers—1st Bayley Bruce, 2nd Mackenzie Eves; 65cc—1st Jed Budd; 85cc—1st Kaeleb Saunders, 2nd Westin Collins and 3rd Kinsley Wood (Condobolin); Junior Lites—1st Lachlan Wood (Condobolin), 2nd Aiden Porter; Senior Lites—1st Raymond White, 2nd Joel Mawhinney, 3rd Bradley Harris.

In the Senior Opens Logan Coombes from Broken Hill finished out in front and showed the locals how it is done. 2nd—Joel Parisi and 3rd Javed Colling; All Powers—1st Coombes, 2nd Raymond White, 3rd Joel Mawhinney.