Peak’s donation will make Men’s Shed a safer place

The Copper City Men’s Shed members were pleased to accept a donation of $1922 from Samantha Lloyd representing Aurelia Peak Gold Mine yesterday. The donation has helped to purchase cordless power tools for the shed.

A recent donation from the Peak Gold Mines to the Copper City Men’s Shed is expected the make the Men’s Shed a whole lot safer.

Men’s Shed coordinator Gordon Hill said Peak Gold Mines has provided financial support to purchase some cordless power tools.

“The tools were identified by the Shed Committee as essential to reduce the risk of running power cords in the workshop and the associated risk of trips and falls by shed members,” Mr Hill said.

The donation will help to purchase a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, an angle grinder and a belt sander along with suitable batteries and a battery fast charger along with a storage cupboard for various consumable parts.

Mr Hill said these were tools that were regularly used in the Shed.