Nose-in parking suggested for the main street

Cobar Shire Councillors will tomorrow discuss a recommendation from the Local Traffic Committee to consider preparing a report to look at changing the current rear to kerb parking to nose in parking along Marshall Street.

There’s pros and cons to both parking methods with advocates of reverse angle parking believing it’s a sensible and safe system, but parkers who prefer nose-in parking say rear to kerb parking contradicts the normal traffic flow and leads to unnecessary congestion.

They argue that rear to kerb parking slows traffic movements down as other vehicles behind have to stop to allow the car to reverse and park whereas, with nose to kerb parking, the onus is on the driver of the parked vehicle to wait for a clear passage before entering back into traffic.

The reverse angle parkers say the disadvantage of reversing out of a car spot is that it can be difficult to see any oncoming traffic.

Parking in many regional areas in western NSW is rear to kerb but over recent years some towns have moved to nose in parking