New signage tells the story of Cobar’s historic Towser’s Huts

New signage has been erected at the Fort Bourke lookout to tell the story of the historic Towser’s Huts, located on Peak Gold Mine’s lease near the New Cobar mine.

A new sign has been erected at the Fort Bourke Lookout describing the history of the Towser’s Huts.

Contractors organised by Peak Gold Mines installed the sign at the lookout last Thursday in an effort to inform and attract tourists to the site.

The area of land where the Towser’s Huts stands is on Peak Gold Mine’s lease and is not open to the public.

It has been fenced off to help preserve the site from vandals.

The Towser’s Huts are thought to have been built in the 1890s as living quarters for workers at the nearby mines.

There were attempts made in the 1970s to restore the buildings on the site however it was  found that what was left of the buildings were continuously being damaged by vandals.

In 2015 during a site tour conducted by Peak Gold Mines, the then environment and social responsibility officer superintendent, Chris Higgins said it would be good if the site were able to be accessed by the general public, however he feared that opening it up to the public would once again put it at risk of vandalism.

From that meeting an idea come into fruition with the new sign erected to detail the history and display historic photos, as well as showing an aerial shot of the site taken in 2014.