National Service medals awarded

Norm Martin, who completed National Service for his country in 1951 has recently received his National Service medals with the help of his nephew Greg Martin. Greg has offered to help other locals (or families of those who served) to apply for their medals.

Local Norm Martin has recently received his service medals recognising his National Service in the army to our country in 1951.

National Service in the 1950s was compulsory military training for the nation’s young men with many local men, including Norm, called up to serve.

It was a standardised form of peacetime conscription for able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 30 who were chosen by a ballot to serve. It was to ensure the country had a reserve force ready in case of war. Some were posted permanently and some served part time like today’s Army Reserve.

Norm’s nephew Greg Martin helped out with the application process for the medals.

“The Government in recent years has issued the National Service Medal to all the people who did compulsory National Service.

“They have also awarded the Defence Services Medal,” Greg explained.

“Norm has received the National Services Medal and the Defence Services Medal.

“It’s not automatically done. It’s on application by the family.”

Greg is also helping out other locals who have completed National Service to apply for their medals including Allan Wells and Greg’s neighbour Geoff Lambert who served in the Citizen Military Forces (CMF).

“The period to qualify for a medal is four years of service,” Greg said.

Allan has given Greg a list of names of other locals who did their National Service at the same time as him and Greg said he is happy to help anyone with the application process.