Mobile training unit visits to refresh local firies’ skills

When you’re a firefighter and you need to do training, but you can’t get to the training centre, then the training centre will come to you. The Cobar Fire and Rescue Station 256 crew underwent breathing apparatus (BA) and Hazmat training last week in a purpose-built training facility housed on the back of a semi trailer. ▪ Photo contributed

The Cobar Fire and Rescue NSW Station 256 crew has weekly training sessions to ensure their firefighting skills are up to date.

Station 256 deputy captain Alex Lennon said getting the training they need can be a challenge in a remote country town.

“But we are always willing to travel for various training and are lucky enough to have mobile units that can come to us,” Mr Lennon said.

Last week the 256 crew underwent Breathing Apparatus (BA) Hazmat training which was conducted in a purpose built training room on the back of a semi trailer truck.

The firefighters were able to refresh their skills on self contained breathing apparatus and simulated compartment search and rescues.

“The truck inside is fitted out like a granny flat with walls, doors, beds and couches.

“The truck is filled with smoke to simulate a house fire and the team are given orders and enter in pairs to find any casualties,” Mr Lennon explained.

“Training props and experiences like this are extremely valuable and the crew really put in 100 per cent and make (what is serious training) highly enjoyable.”

He said training such as this helps them to prepare for when their pagers go off to alert them to a fire.

“To be prepared for anything, we have to train for everything,” Mr Lennon said.