Unique callout as local firies come to the rescue of big bird

Cobar Fire and Rescue NSW Station 256 personnel had an unusual callout on
Sunday to retrieve an injured wedge tail eagle. Pictured is Station 256 deputy
captain Alex Lennon with Bella and Drew Barton (on whose property the eagle was on) and firefighters Brad Lennon and Huw Rabone who assisted with the rescue

Calls to fires and vehicle accidents are the norm for the Fire and Rescue NSW Station 256 Cobar crew however the rescue they were called to on Sunday was definitely out of the ordinary.

A wounded wedge tail eagle was located on a property in Singleton Road with the owners, Jennifer and John Barton, calling on the Cobar firies for assistance.

Station 256 deputy captain Alex Lennon said although it wasn’t a call they’ve had before, firefighters were trained to be prepared for anything.

“We’ve done a few bird rescues before but this was unique,” Mr Lennon said.

With the help of fellow firefighters Brad Lennon, Huw Rabone and Mark Aumua,
they were able to capture the bird (which appeared to have a broken wing) and get it into a cage.

The plan was to then transport the eagle to Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, however with the Barrier Highway closed due to rain, they were unable and so it was arranged to take the injured eagle to the local veterinary surgery.

“Unfortunately, on consultation between Kidman Way Veterinary Surgery and Taronga Western Plains Zoo, it was decided to euthanise the eagle,” Mr Lennon said.