Map Making takes locals on an interesting journey

Cora and Isla McKervey and their mum Louise, at Saturday’s Map Making workshop at the Cobar Shire Library. The workshop, along with another one next month and two Book Binding sessions in June and July, are being offered free by Cobar Shire Council thanks to funding from the Country Arts Support Program (CASP).

Local artist Kylie Harvey took a group of 10 residents on an interesting journey on Saturday through a mapmaking workshop.

Kylie said participants had the option to make a variety of different styles of maps.

“Some people might want to map a physical area and have done that in a grid reference style,” Kylie explained.

“Other people are doing a memory of the town where they grew up; one is doing a memory of a walk through Edinburgh; and others are doing fantasy maps that have particular meaning to them.

“It’s not just a topographical road map kind of style but more, ‘creative’ mapping that we’ve been doing,” she said…….Full story in this week’s edition out now!!