Locals hoarding Cobar Quids

There’s almost $80,000 worth of Cobar Quids out in our community and the Cobar Business Association is calling on anyone who might be “hoarding” their quids to start spending.

Cobar Business Association’s president Sharon Harland said since Cobar Quids were introduced in 2003 they have proven to be very beneficial for the community.

“It’s a great way of getting people to spend locally and support local businesses who in turn support our schools, sports and community organisations,” Mrs Harland said.

“Cobar Quids are very much in demand at this time of the year, especially by the mines who give them out as incentives to employees.

“The schools also use them for end of year prizes and a number of community groups offer Cobar Quids as raffle prizes.”

Mrs Harland said the association’s stock of Cobar Quids is currently running low as it seems people are holding on to them.

“For the quids program to work, we need to keep the quids circulating,” she said.

“Cobar Quids are accepted at lots of local businesses, including clubs and pubs, supermarkets, petrol stations, speciality shops and hairdressers, to name a few.

“You can even pay your rates or water bill at council with Cobar Quids.”

Quids can only be used to buy goods or a service and cannot be exchanged for cash.

“As a Cobar Quid is legal tender, the association has to abide by the rules set out by the Australian Mint,” Mrs Harland said.

“We are also not allowed to give cash as change during a transaction.”