Local soccer games played on a glorious winter day

Cobar Junior Soccer Club players braved the cold foggy morning on Saturday to play their competition games in what later turned out to be a glorious winter day.
The Minis kicked off their day with the Spurs and the Wanderers playing a great game which finished with a 5-2 win to the Spurs. Caleb Theakston (3), Sienna Jones (1) and Jedidiah Wangi (1) were the goal scorers for the Spurs, while Wanderers points were two own goals.
United and Rangers had a high scoring game, with United claiming victory with an 11-9 finish. Lachlan Brown was a standout player netting nine goals for United and Nate Martin scored two. Jaxon Burke was the star player for the Rangers, scoring six goals, with Clay McDonald adding two and Ansuman Shrestha one goal.
Mariners played Liverpool in a 1-all draw with Axel Fairfull scoring for Liverpool, while the Mariners’ point came from an own goal.
In the Mids competition the Roar and the Wanderers battled it out with an eventual 6-2 win for the Wanderers. Tadgh McMullen was the hero for the Wanderers, scoring all of their six goals. Chad Buckman was the player of the day for the Roar, finding the back of the net twice.
In the other Mids game United and the Rovers played for a 6-4 victory to the Rovers.
Zach Broughton (2), Reynold Mugugia (2), Isaac Theakston (1) and one own goal made up the points on the Rovers’ scoreboard and Ryan Urquhart scored all four goals for United.
In the Mids Liverpool versus Mariners game, Liverpool won with a 5-1 finish.
Liverpool’s points came from Jacob Gilbert (3) and Harrison Gudgeon (2), while Thomas Bryan was the goal scorer for the Mariners.
In the Seniors division United defeated Wanderers 9-6. United players Jakob Brown (2), Dylan Morley (1), Michael Mwingira (4) and Aiden Porter (2) all found the back of the net with Wanderers’ goals scored by James Mitchell (5) and Riley Porter (1).
In the other Seniors game the Spurs were just too strong for the Rangers winning with a high 11-2 score. The Rangers’ goals were scored by Jordan Menadue and Kelvin Mfoi, and the Spurs goals were netted by Rabiou Hachimou (2), Conor McMullen (4), Victor Mfoi (2), Annie Mugugia (2) and Jacob Theakston (1).
In the Opens division the Broken Scorpions won 6-2 over Team 3. Tom Edgar (1), Aaron Finn (2), Brock Ford (2) and Kathleen Hardie (1) scored for Broken Scorpions and James Anderson was the sole goal scorer for Team 3.
The Relics and Stripped Bear battled it out in their Opens game for a 10-6 win to the Relics.
It was a match full of action including a controversial penalty in the box, with Jessie Clark tackling Dylan Menadue, which resulted in a penalty goal in the first half and Sarah Barber pulling off a brilliant header from a corner kick which resulted in a goal.
Goal scorers for the Relics were Jade Buckman (3), Dylan Menadue (5), Chris Higgins (1), Kathleen Hardie (1) and one own goal.
Stripped Bear’s goals came from Barber (1), Thinus Els (2), Jade McDonald (1), Dan Howard (1) and one own goal.
The John Mitchell Pharmacy weekly awards went to Jedidiah Wangi, Beau Wynne, Ebony Burns, Clay McDonald, Trace Wynne, Jamie Thomas, Ebony Aumua, Clancy Harvey, Daniel Buckman, Isaac Theakston, Macee Brown, Jacob Gilbert, Kane Buckman, Benjamin Anderson, Ethan Gilbert and Brooke Daly.
The Cobar Hot Bake weekly awards went to Sienna Kelly, Nash Wynne, Zaiden Saunders, Jaxon Burke, Aiden Barraclough, Axel Fairfull, Henry Knight, Luke Giurin, Jeremy Theakston, Sarah Morley, Toby Lovegrove, Harrison Gudgeon, Will Ambrose, Denene Inch, Johnwayne Josephson, Adison Lyons, Jade Buckman, Tim Wise, Scott Brown and Kathleen Hardie.—contributed