Local business puts life saving equipment in our main street

Country Simplicity’s Peter Huddleston with the newly purchased defibrillator which is now available in the shop for anyone to use in an emergency.

A defibrillator conveniently located in the main street will now be available in the case of an emergency for anyone to use.

Main street shop owners Jacquie and Peter Huddleston, from Country Simplicity, recently purchased the life saving equipment worth over $3,000 which Mr Huddleston said anyone in the community is welcome to use.

A defibrillator is a machine that sends a high energy shock through the heart.

The aim of the shock is to return the heart to its normal state if it goes into cardiac arrest (ie a person has had a heart attack).

Mr Huddleston has previously received defibrillator training at the mine and both he and his wife also watched a training video when they got with the new equipment.

“It’s easy to use, anyone can use it,” Mr Huddleston said.

“It could help in the case of a heart attack.

“It monitors blow flow and is fully automated,” he explained.

“It just might save someone’s life.”

Mr Huddleston said the defibrillator is designed for use mainly on adults but in the rare case that a child will need it, it can also be used on children.

He said the defibrillator will be mounted in the shop and will be accessible to the public to use when the shop is open.

The Huddlestons said with defibrillators now located at local sporting clubs and at the Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool they also saw a need for one to be conveniently located in the main street.

“It’s there for anybody in the community to use in case of an emergency,” Mr Huddleston said.