Little A’s Club looks like it’s running into big trouble

A Cobar Little A’s representative team at a past Zone carnival. ▪ File photo

It’s doubtful if a Little A’s competition will be running next summer after the club failed to get a committee last Tuesday.

Outgoing Cobar Little A’s secretary Helen Polack said the response to last week’s annual general meeting was very disappointing.

“We did not receive any nominations for the executive positions,” Mrs Polack said.

“We have to have five executive positions filled to form a committee and we really need several others to assist with general jobs like equipment (setting up), child protection  officers, Tiny Tots coordinator, publicity, uniforms etc.”

Mrs Polack said despite having lots of kids registered each season for Little A’s, they have been struggling over the past few years to get people to serve on the committee.

“We want dedicated people who genuinely want to pull their weight.

“We don’t want people to fill the positions with no intention of doing the job so the club can run (this has happened for several years now),”  she said.

Mrs Polack said with 98 children registered for Little A’s last season, it would be a shame if the sport didn’t continue due to a lack of interest by parents.

“People often say they will help but are not willing to go on the committee and without the five executive there will be no club,” she said.

Despite advertising their meeting in the paper, in the school newsletters, on social media and sending out meeting notices to all of last year’s registered families, Mrs Polack said they didn’t have any new faces at last week’s AGM.

“We realise that most committees are
struggle for people but we are hoping that parents who are keen will come forward
and put up their hands to run the club next season.”

Mrs Polack said the club will try again to hold an AGM and hopes that parents will come forward to help.

“If we don’t get a committee, there’s a very good chance that we could lose Little A’s in town,” she said.