League Tag Double header

In a double header of the Mixed League Tag competition last Thursday Barracudas narrowly beat Racks and Sacks by one point in an action packed game.

Barracudas won the match 8-7 with Brianna Watson and Brennah Aumua each scoring a try (female tries are worth two points) along with team mates Tom McKenna and Sione Fakahua running in one each while Loma Atuau scored two.

Racks and Sacks replied with tries to their young guns Seb Best, Tyson Brilley and Riley Porter. Naomi Whitehurst was the lone female scorer (with two tries) for Racks and Sacks to add four points to their tally.

Racks and Sacks backed up for a second game, and this time they were victorious over Junior League, 15-8.

The girls were the big point scorers for Racks and Sacks with Codi Mackey putting three tries over the line while Dusty Good and Naomi Whitehurst each scored one.

Not to be outdone, the Racks and Sacks boys were equally as dominate with Haymish McLeod and Jack Govett each scoring two tries and Jacob Good landed one.

The girls also played a big role for Junior League with Aisha Schofield scoring two tries and Hannah Carroll running in one.

Kai Taylor was the lone male scorer for Junior League with two tries.

JKM Phat Athletes defeated I Dunno in the later game, 7-3. Tanya Gilbert was the standout player for JKM, running in three tries while teammate Adam Doherty scored one.

I Dunno’s Jay Ellison managed to get two over the line along with Ryan Urquhart scoring one.

I Dunno forfeited their other match to Junior League.