History repeats itself at pistol club

In a complete change of weather from last weekend’s sunny, clear and a good visual situation, Cobar Amateur Pistol Club shooters lined up on Sunday in cold, cloudy and foggy conditions.

Needless to say that did not stop club members from turning out in fantastic numbers with 14 shooters fronting for the 25 Metre Standard Pistol event.

Once again some outstanding scores and new handicaps were recorded by a number of shooters.

Last week’s history making event of Isaac Kershaw breaking his handicap twice in one day, was repeated again this week with Chis Johnson doing the same.

Johnson showed great temperament and patience to achieve this extreme rare feat in the sport.

The Turton brothers, Tim and Ben, made a return to the sport on Sunday after an absence from the range.

The pair consistently displayed the family trait of constantly hitting the centre black area of a target with Tim hitting it with all 10 shots even though the target was facing away from him.

Merv O’Brien once again acted as the Range Officer for the day with assistance from John Stingemore.

Isaac Kershaw continued his good form by winning the Wizard Award and smashing his handicap by a whopping 87 points.

Daniel Irvine came in second place from Chris Johnson in third, with Chris Mann further back in fourth place.

Johnson did it twice, with Kershaw, Irvine, Mann and Nathan Ratcliff all annoying the handicapper again this week, with some great skills being displayed by the new members.

The Off Pistol Trophy was won by Tim Turton, with brother Ben in second place and Kershaw some distance back for third.

The scores of the event were: Kershaw shot 415, and with a handicap of 350, finished with a total score of 765 (and a new handicap of 167); Irvine 328-350-678 (new handicap 245); Johnson 398-263-661 (new handicap 182); Mann 309-350-659 (new handicap 262); Johnson 308-350-658 (new handicap 263); Ratcliff 351-306-657 (new handicap 225); Tim Turton 515-68-583; Jessica Coffey 301-279-580; Summer Rose Stingemore 261-292-553; Ben Turton 447-92-539; Jake Mitchell 254-283-537; John Stingemore 336-153-522; Jake Mitchell (second round) 228-283-511; Lloyd Mitchell 287-192-479; Irvine (second round) 210-245-455; Joe Neate 160-218-378; and Tony Punzet 225-149-374. —contributed