Grading and tournament finish off a tough year for Judo

Cobar Judo Club members who participated in a grading day and a mini tournament last weekend at the Cobar Public School hall. ▪ Photo contributed

The Cobar Judo Club held its end of year activities on the weekend with a grading for those ready, along with a mini club tournament.

With COVID putting a stop to all activities for the better part of the year, students were chomping at the bit to get back to training when some restrictions were lifted allowing for community sport to recommence.

Recommencement also allowed new members of the community to try their hand at Judo, as well as former members returning after a long hiatus from the martial art.

It also allowed for long time friend of the Cobar dojo, Denis Byrne (6th Dan and 63 year old veteran of Judo) to travel out from Sydney and train with the local judo-ka (students of Judo).

“I love coming to Cobar,” Byrne Shihan said. “The Cobar dojo has a high standard of traditional Judo, even by city club standards.

“The local students keep me on my toes with their ability to absorb techniques or new concepts, or just asking me questions about techniques.

“They are a credit to the town and to their instructor,” he said.

With a Friday night and Saturday morning session to begin, the local Judo-ka put the final touches on the techniques they would be required to know before their grading would take place on Saturday afternoon.

Junior Yellow Belts were awarded to Isaac Theakston and Caleb Theakston.

Junior Orange Belts were awarded to Jaina Chandler and Ronin Chandler.

Senior Yellow Belt was awarded to Anthony Martin.

On Sunday morning the members of the Cobar Dojo took place in their end of year Shiai (competition).

After the dust had settled, the following placings were earned: U10 years 1st Ronin Chandler, 2nd Ella Martin; U13 years 1st Caleb Theakston, 2nd Jaina Chandler; U16 years 1st Isaac Theakston, 2nd Conar Deighton, 3rd Caleb Theakston; 16+ years 1st Jack Sinclair, 2nd Andrew Roberts, 3rd Paul Theakston.

Special awards went to Paul Theakston and Anthony Martin for the Best Bout, and also to Andrew Roberts for the Best Ippon (points scored).

The Cobar Dojo will train for one more week before finishing up for 2020.—contributed