Funds for shade

Cobar Public School P&C will receive funding to build a shade structure for sun protection.

Member for Barwon Kevin Humphries announced last week close to $1 million worth of grants will provide much needed shade in community parks and recreation areas, sporting grounds, schools and clubs across NSW.

Cobar will benefit with shade protection over the sandpit and play area at the Cobar Public School, valued at $18,800.

“This shade grant will provide important infrastructure to help our community towards a sun safe culture, which we know reduces the risk of skin cancer,” Mr Humphries said.

“Up to 99 per cent of skin cancers in Australia are caused by exposure to the sun, and providing sun protection will protect our community from UV over exposure.

“Many skin cancers are preventable and this plan focuses on protection behaviours and policy, shade provision and strategic research.

“You wouldn’t let your family or friends drive without a seatbelt – it is just too risky.

“So why risk skin cancer by not protecting yourself or your family from UV overexposure?” Mr Humphries said.