Focus on developing netball skills

The Juniors yellow netball team ready to play on Friday afternoon at Ward Oval: Maddy Bruce, Atamarie Haronga, Sophie Cain, Leila Robinson, Bridget Negfeldt, Lila
Armstrong and Bella Fullagar with their team coordinator, Nicola Harbison.

Numbers were a bit light on for the Junior Netball competition on Friday (perhaps it was the cold and threat of rain that kept some players away) so developing skills became the focus for their coordinators.

The Junior competition had enough players for three teams and so they played 10 minute quarters and rotated so everyone had the opportunity to play.

“If they weren’t playing, they were practicing shooting or defence,” Junior coordinator Corinne McLeod said.

She said footwork was also a focus for players during their games.

Alex Hernando, who works with the Intermediate players, said they concentrated on improving their movement towards the ball, dodging and changing direction.

“They have been putting their skills into action in the senior competition on Saturdays,” Alex reported.

The younger Set and Go age divisions also worked on getting their footwork right, different passing options and goal shooting.

The youngest Nets players worked on ball handling and improving their chest passes.